My Daddy Cecil “Shorty” Dalton

My dad who I always called Daddy up to the day he died on July 16, 2021 was a wonderful man, a fabulous father and a hardworking husband. He did have his downside, he liked to drink beer and whiskey. Sometimes together. This aspect of him was not something I wanted to grow up with, but we as children can not pick our parents. Don’t get me wrong, I do not have a problem with drinking, but drinking to excess is not a good thing to do.

As with many who grew up in the South Eastern part of Kentucky as my daddy did, were not all well off people. My father was raised by his grandparents “Pappie” Thomas Taylor and his “Mamie” Martha Jane Vaughn Taylor. They were already in their 60’s when my daddy wanted to live with them at the early childhod age.His mother Elsie Carie Taylor had my daddy out of wedlock. His biological father went by the shortened version of his middle name Frank. Frank was born in 1907 to David Marion “Mack” Dalton and spouse Minnie Saunders Dalton. They had a vast family and Frank was amongst one of the mid to later children per the records I have been able to obtain and verify. As with many family in the later 1800’s Franks siblings were all born through 1907 as Frank was born. There may have been some children that died and no record has been found as of today’s writings. This is still a work in progress. Elsie Carie Taylor was born in 1898. So there was a difference in age as you can see.

As I said in the beginning of my WordPress page my getting into Genealogy was to find my daddy’s biological father. When I first started researching on Ancestry back before 2000 I would stay up day and night using Ancestry’s 14 day free trial periods. During this time I printed off all Frank Dalton information I could find online. Now mind you, when Ancestry first began, the records were no where near the quantity they have now. So locating records, playing with the spelling of not just his primary name but also using the variations for Dalton was what I was focused on way back in the day. Needless to say my printer I used at that time worked it’sself to death literally. When I would run out of your stand copier paper I turned to card stock 20 lb weight. Card stock in all sorts of colors as I had purchased it all on sale. **yes I am a bulk buyer and a budget type of person** !

So working for 13 and a half days almost straight through to locate and print off anything and everything as a “just incase” thing I had stacks and boxes, notebooks of records, Census records, Military records. I also included in my search my momma’s family the Montgomery’s. Yes, Montgomery’s are a plenty to say the least. Taylors and Montgomery’s are the main names I have on my Ancesry tree name as well as this sites name. And the Montgomery name is just like Smith, way too many and many re-using the same name in each family and with every child.

By the time I went through my first 14 day trial I had not just notebooks, but printed off material that filled up 2 boxes-file boxes–like the ones you use in offices when packing away files. My poor Cannon printer back then worked it’s self almost to destruction and ink, heavns I went through many ink cartridges. I shutter to think how much money I spent on printer ink back then. Many of the cartridges I purchased locally so they ran for each inividual cartridge when not on sale roughly 20.00 each and I had 4 colors in all !

Getting back to my daddy. He was a master carpenter and a self taught welder. The vast majority of buildings and bridges from back in the 50’s here in Louisville up to Florence Ky, my father was on the crew which built them. In Florence Ky he built the bridge up there that connected Ky to the far Indiana area/Ohio regions. I remember going up there with momma driving to pick him up and wathcing him stand on the ball of a crane and ridding it over and it touching down in front of the car and there was my daddy standing on the ball. As a child this was every little girls dream seeing her daddy do something that was dangerous. Back then my daddy did not consider it to be dangerous as many of them men would ride the wrecking ball aroud the job site.

I was blessed to receive my momma’s picture box in 2019. All four of us girls looked through it and picked out what we wanted and then Momma gave me the rest in the box as I became the “Picture Keeper” in our family. This was primarily due to my research. I have a multitude of pictures to scan onto my computer and place on my family tree and also onto facebook for my sister’s, neices and nephews and even the greats neices and nephews to print off or save a copy for theirselves. This is one of the things I will share as part of my Legacy to my family. My research on Ancestry will continue untill I can no longer sit at a desktop computer or if my hands can no longer type due to myself having all forms of Arthritis except for Rhumetoriod so far.

Well this is enough for today my fingers are getting tired and I still have other computer things to do !

Remember to live each day to the fullest as if it was the last day of your life !

Cecil “Shorty” Dalton about 1947 Florida

Traversing Various Websites

Well, for all of you who has started to follow me, I want to tell you of the hiccups I have run into this evening. I was looking over my Pay Pal account. As many of you who use Pal Pal for whatever shopping site you may buy from you may have noticed the new and improved aspect of Pay Pal. They actually took something that was very simple to use and changed their format which was suppose to make THINGS SIMPLER. In all honesty, they made their format a tad bit complex for the average person to use.

Their “new” look is somewhat simplistic to look at, but to maneuver around can become confusing to many people no mater what their intelligence level is.

Since I myself tend to “MAKE WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER” or some of you may refer to it as KISS=keep it simple stupid====they have now made it to where your everyday person has to jump thru more hoops when trying to communicate via their messenger system or even over the telephone.

Pay Pal is structured as a “pay by account” for many and also as a “pay forward account” for those who wants to break that payment down into 4 payments or by extending that payment out for 6 months. They also have it as a Credit Card Account.I myself have all 3 and their New Improvements have taken 2 aspects and rolled it into one.

It was that way, but their new improved changes did not incorporate a way to go into those pay it forward payments to where you can simply be on your account and click on them to make payment or pay it off early for older transactions that you had done prior to this NEW IMPROVED change they recently implemented.

In order for me to do certain things on PayPal/Synchrony Bank, I received an automated email advising me my monthly payment had been changed back to the “STANDARD” payment which causes you to incur additional finance fees. So I called the number on the bottom of the email and the telephone prompts have also been changed to take the Simplistic aspect away as well. The prompts you have to push just makes you run around their automated system which as every knows is all so aggravating and frustrating for anyone no matter what their individual intelligence level is.

Yes, many of you are laughing and thinking to yourselves, Peggy is an idiot ! Well, Peggy is not an idiot but a realistic and a simple person who does not like to work hard, but work smart. The people who does these sort of changes for the Corporate and Investors, like to make everyday people who no longer work or someone who does not understand the inner workings of Finance to basically want to throw their telephone out the back door. YES, I can be one of those types of people if I wanted to! But I have good common sense to realize how they work. Afterall,I worked in pretty much all forms of Finance as well as various sorts of Collections/Billing over my entire adult life from age 21 up till 2006 when my brain could no longer handle all the stressors that my mind encountered from the age 14.

One thing from my mom, she always said that her doctor told her to do, when she finds her mind becoming blocked up or over- stressed for whatever reason, she needed to think as if her “Tea Cup” had reached the top and she needed to partially empty it out. Make perfect since for someone who has a great deal of Common Sense ! My mother Julia Elizabeth will be turning 92 on 25 June 2021. By doing her Genealogy she is the only person within her lineage that has lived this long in the past 200 plus years.A Little bit of Genealogy I inputted !

I was on the telephone not only with PayPal but also with Synchrony Bank that handles the Credit card aspect.Needless to say the PayPal customer service rep., did not want to put on her calendar to do a follow up on the 14th to assist in the disputes and changes that had taken place to make sure these aspects would show resolved on the 14th. Instead she opted to hang up on me. I wasn’t raising my voice or even sounding in my Finance tone, demanding. YET she hung up on me. Go ahead an laugh, I would be if it were you writing this !

Same instance or similar instance with PNC bank this afternoon over 3 charges that showed up while I was online checking our bank account. They too do not allow their Customer service reps. to have the capabilities to enter the changes that needs to be completed with the customer on the telephone.After explaining to the Customer service rep that these 3 charges are ones that were CANCELED with the companies 3-5 months ago, I wanted to prevent said charges from coming out after midnight tonight. PNC bank when they bought out Liberty National Bank and or Citizens Fidelity Bank here in Louisville Ky back in 1992 recently changed their regulations for all Grandfathered account holders such as I am, to now disregard our grandfathered accounts and specialties associated with our accounts.

Yes, you read that correctly. IF you know banking and the Finance industry as I do then you will have no problem understanding what I am typing here.

Common Sense that has been thrown by the wayside not just Corporations and their Investors but also individual mangers or sub owners of various paid entities that are part of Franchises.

IF you look back over the past decade-10-15 year time span and have followed like I have all the various changes that have taken place for basically all Corporations you will see how they have been babied in the past Presidential administrations.

For us normal people who make or our spouse’s/significant other’s live paycheck to paycheck, you will remember that 27% when it comes to TAXES. Yes, we fell into that category and when it comes time to file taxes each year for that year, we no longer could take credit for charities we contribute to all the way across the board to Union dues and prescriptions and doctor’s visits we pay a co-pay for out of pocket.

Now that we are under a NEW ADMINISTRATION, this aspect has not been changed back for us as of yet. Also during the last administration the Postal Service had to raise the cost of the postage stamp from 35 cents to now I am told is near or at 55 cents to mail a letter in the mail. This is not due to standard Cost of living, this is due to both Bush Administrations taking monies out of the Retirement coffers that the post office workers paid into and not paying it back into it along with the interest that was lost as well. If you look back to the Regan administration, monies was taken 2 times from Social Security and never paid back along with the interest it would have incurred had been left in place.remeber that nice $600.00 check you received during the last Bush Administration? This is why over the past 20 years Social Security according to all the idiots in Washington DC in both houses of the Senate are claiming Social Security will run out by 2037. As a laymen and not in Politics, doesn’t it sound awfully bad for us? We the People? Look at it, all the millions not just in the initial overage they took out but also the interest that was at 13-15 percent down to current day interest by the LIBOR banking rates that are used.If you do not know what LIBOR is, look it up on the computer and what it stands for and how it operates. IT would take me to long to find a more simplistic way to explain it. Not that it is complicated, atleast not for me, but for those of you who does not know what this is and what it does.

I say that due to the only way someone can learn is to look it up. I grew up being told to look up something in the Encyclopedia and for words the dictionary and the Thesaurus. Yes, I am that old a great nearly 63 years old.

With our current day technology we have all the information at the tips of our finger tips or in the palms of our hands. Why not make use of it and teach yourself all those things you wondered about and was never taught in school for when we attended school. After all our technology was a colored television set and a calculator……..For some of you that are a tad bit older then I am, you may not have had a television and only had a radio to learn by. My family did not have a television set until I myself was 5 years old when we had our first black and white television. At that time we had 3 channels here in Louisviile,Kentucky and then several years later we obtain our 4th and 5th channels one of those was the PBS channel. Many of you that I have grown to know over the past 21 years on the internet and who are extended family of 3rd + cousins whom I have never met in person except for one 3rd cousin Lehman who himself is in his late 80’s to early 90’s.

Well, I have typed enough and my hands are telling me to get off the computer and my Hip is also telling me to go sit in my comfy chair

Timing is everything

Well just as the title says, timing is everything. When I first started my blog I had intentions of doing it on a daily base. But life decided to interject its’ self into my daily activities. On March 31, 2021 I ended up having to have my right hip replaced. Yes, it did hurt, but I did not think I would have had so many things to go wrong. I planned everything ahead of time as far as making sure the walker from my grandma was in the houes, my great grandpa’s cane was here for me to use, the tub chair was in the house that belonged to one of my uncles. I had purchased easy to fix foods for myself while my husband was working so I would not have to worry about going from the basement up to the kitchen to fix myself actual meals. I live in my basement and my main floor is used by my daughter and her family. We share the kitchen and upstairs bath/shower as I have a half bath down stairs. I have a cabinite my dad made for me back in 1993 when my husband and I purchased our first home and now in this home we converted it into a cabinete with a small bar sink in it for coffee cups, small things we use in the microwave or the convection oven I have. I have numourous small appliances in my downstairs pantry to use when ever the need appears.

In life the curve balls that we are thrown into our very thought out plans can cause tremendous upset in our own special world. My curve balls were the 1st home therapists that visited me 4 days after surgery. Well needless to say he was not allowed to return as his pushing took it’s toll on me. Keep this in mind. The week prior to my surgery I needed to get good and hydrated. Not thinking about the Sodium content in Gaterade, I drank at minimum 4 per day up to 6. That is a great deal of sodium for someone who has basically cut out her sodium intake all together. So after my surgery, my feet looked like balloons at the end of my legs. So when I came home I needed to drink nothing but water all day to get the excess water build up out of my body. I had almost 17 pounds of water I was carrying in my system. I know because of my pre-surgery weight and my come home next day weight !

Now my therapy I schedualed for 2-3 pm so keeping this in mind and me drinking water, I was constantly scooching back and forth to the bathroom which is about 50 feet from my desk chair and 60 feet from my standard comfy chair and stool.

Afterwards I basically let the therapy group which I will not name, I let them know they were never to return to my home at all ! Yes, I was very upset since this particular therapist and his pushing me to go back and forth so many times those 50 feet with my walker, caused both of my shoulders to basically give out all together. In 2019 I had already had a right rotator cuff repair and this therapist’s pushing caused that shoulder to basically lock up and did harm to my left shoulder also.

Yes life can really throw you those curve balls !

It is now as of this writing June 15 2021 about 11:45 pm, I am still in therapy 2 times a week ! Yes, I know many of you are thinking why ? Well, I ended up doing the vast majority of my therapy myself for the first month. Mind you I had to go back to my surgeon and receive cortisone shots in both shoulders and he even did x-rays of the one he had repaired 2 year previously as it had locked up.

I go to thereapy this coming Thursday and more then likely will have 1-3 more sessions as there is nothing more that can be done until the bone and all completely heals in a year to a year and a half. Yes it does take that long to completely heal.

My therapist is overall happy at my own therapy I do at home, since I have 8 stairs to go up to the landing to let my dogs in and out. Then another 4 to the upstairs kitchen and the rest of the main floor. I wrote him out a list of things I use at home to do therapy with since I do not own one of those treadmiles or bikes. Even though I am not suppose to do several of the things I have been doing them for a month now. No, I am not really going against my surgeon’s list or my therapists list, I am just doing them sooner then they claim I should be able to do them. Yes I am hardheaded or as I like to say determined, but I know how far I myself can push this almost 63 year old body that has arthritis, and osteoarthritis and all sorts of arthritic pain in my body. But that is one of those curve balls that life has thrown at me and smacked me very hard with it.

Those of you who do know me, knows I am a very determined woman and I do not let anything or anyone get in my way. I never have and never will. Only thing that will get in my way is when I can no longer walk or drive, but then I will find some way to get things done.

Coming from a lineage of Dalton’s and Taylor’s on my dad’s side and Montgomery’s and Washburn’s on my mother’s side and then the correspnding greats on both sides, I have a Genetic makeup of genes that are wired to make me push myself physically and even mentally to the breaking point. I can honestly say that I am Genetically made this way.

So for me Life is like a roller coaster, I have my up and downs everyday, but the timing is one of those things that definitley can not be expected !

Till I write again !

Journal Notes

Well this Journal aspect of my WordPress blog hasn’t had much placed on it. So here goes, let’s play catchup. Here we go. On 31 March 2021 I had a right hip replacement surgery. The surgery from what I can remember supposedly went well. From the Surgical and hospital records I ordered to read thru were a whopping 237 pages. Now mind you I stayed over night after surgery and was released by 11 am the next day 1 Apr 2021.

No, I really do not remember much other then having to get up at what seemed to be every 10- to 15 minutes to hit the elusive potty chair. If you are planning on having surgery and need to get your body hydrated, DO NOT drink Gatorade the week before. I say this becuase I did not realize it is overloaded with sodium. When you become sedentary as I did for 3 years, you do become dehydrated because you are not up moving and sweating like normal people. And I am anything but NORMAL! And I hate drinking water !

Well since I was so tired in the hospital from all the drugs and combinations of them they were pumping into me while in surgery and also after surgery when they came in to talk to me I did respond apparently very well. Personally, I do not remember any conversations other then one about an hour before I was to be released. The nurse had come in with a pan of water and soap and she had me take a bed bath. She washed anything from the waist down while I washed everything from the waist up. After being dried off, she did not give me my bag to get my deodorant out, so go figure. She was nice enough to get my change of clothes to wear home and help me into my pants since I was not suppose to bend and had to be very careful not to spread my legs ! Was not an easy task to put on my sweat pants, but she helped me and showed me how I needed to do it once I left the hospital.

Now since I had had all that wonderful gatorade the week before and the fact they had me hooked up to bags of water to help flush my system of the sodium it basically caused both of my feet to look like big round balls and she had put a pair of my footies on me that were pink. What she did not know about these footies were that they were made small and you really had to stretch them out before putting them on me. I had brought with me those cute ones from previous surgeries since I wear them at home when walking around the house in sock feet. You know the ones they have those cute stripes on both side of them to keep you from skidding across the floor !

I barely remember my surgeon coming into the room after surgery but what I do remember was he told me he measured 4 times then made one cut.

IF you know anything about carpentry they always say measure 2 times and cut on the outside of your line so you have a perfect fit. Well he told me he measured 4 times and cut on the outside of the line ! I laughed and told him that is a great thing so I knew that both my legs would still be the same length and I would not walk with a gimp. I had told him in the office that having to walk with a gimp or having to have an insole to raise me up was not an option. So he told me that he would make sure I didn’t walk with a gimp or need an insole.

While reading the 237 pages, the section after the implant, they had the notes where they measured both legs as well as both sides of my body for my full height.I knew I had lost height over the past 10 years going from 5 foot and 3/4 of an inch, what I didn’t realize that I was after surgery a whopping I was 5 foot and .098 inches tall. That is what happens when you can’t take hormones after a hysterectomy ! Yep good old Osteoarthritis in the hip joints and other joints in the body. Plus arthritis on the bones as well. Since I still drink milk I hope the amount of calcium will prevent further bone loss.

My genetics which I had done via 2 separte companies indicated that I was not genetically inclined to have any forms of arthritis. But depending upon the way you lived can change your genetic makeup. Actually it does not change your Genetic makeup, it alters areas of overall body, Your Genetics can not change, just how you do things with your body or to your body determines what your physical and mental being will be.

Since I could not take hormones after my hysterectomy in 1990, I knew that my body was more prone to gain weight since the hormones that are there are to help all the other hormones work together. Play buddies in the body ! Almost the same as Eat and Apple every day keeps you healthy in everyway.

When the ovarian hormones were gone, the other hormones in your body has to work overtime to keep you regulated. Sometimes they like to puter out on ya ! IF you know someone who has a goiter in their neck, that produces hormones too! You have heard of people who had to have their goiter removed and then they have to take medication for the rest of their life. They do that becuase that goiter when it is removed also removes your thyroid. Your Thyroid regulates you bodies ability to keep you from becoming fat or too thin.Some people who have a goiter are on medication to keep it in control ! Well I have a goiter and have had it since I was in my early teens. I never thought anything about it, just thought I took after my mom and her mom. I looked at it as having a fat neck. You know like having that wobbly under the chin fat that can move back ad forth on ya!

In my late 30’s my primary care doctor I was seeing she was an Endocrinologist in her home county of origin.When she came to the United States she had to re-take the training here and do the primary care aspect until she was able to obtain her licence here in the United States by our regulations. Which in all reality is somewhat idiotic as many Countries have much better Universities then we do. Anyway, she noticed right off I had a fat thyroid with a goiter and it just so happen to be swollen that day. So She set me up for a needle biopsy for the next day there in the office. Now laying there with your head on a towel rolled up under the back of your neck and her sticking a needle in your neck is pretty uncomfortable especially when you are scared out of your wits.

I was fortunate my husband took a vacay day and was there so when I squeezed his hand he could take the pain I was feeling and talk to me to keep me calm.She told me it would take longer to numb the area the it would for the biopsy, so I said okay. Now I can deal with a certain amount of pain, but this one was a hand squeezer ! And yes my husband did feel it, but he has strong hands.

Getting back to hormones, You have many areas in your body that releases hormones. Yep, if you did not know that you need to look them all up. Depending upon what your body is going through certain hormones will be released. Have you heard of Cortisol? That gets release a great deal when you are in any form of pain. So if your body is going through pain for a short or long period of time, you are constantly releasing Cortisol.This can be good for you and it can also affect other aspects like your brain ! Yep the brain sensors your have can really misunderstand what these hormones are doing for you and then your brain signals other things to react.This is where you may feel as if you are going nuts ! You have the hormones in your pancreas to regulate your blood sugar, you have others that keeps your liver from building up anything toxic like alcohol, bad drugs, good drugs. Many people will take activated charcoal to keep their liver clean of the toxins. People who over dose on drugs use to have to drink 16 ounces of charcoal mixed with water.How do I know that, I been there and done that. IT was not pretty taking a hand full of valium and drinking Vodka. But that was due to depression way back in my early twenties. And back then was the early 1980’s and they send you for counseling, but at that time they did not put people on something to help them out.

Well I think I have written enough for tonight it is now about 2: 20 am tuesday morning nd this ole gal really needs to get relaxed to go to bed. Can’t do an all nighter again to make it 3 days in a row.

Remember live life to the fullest as if it were the last day of your life !

Why I have been away

I am so sorry to those of you who have started to follow my new page about my Taylors Montgomery’s and All the Branches. I had hip replacement surgery on 31 March 2021. Although the surgery went very well, I am just beginning to sit at my desk top computer to do anything.

I have found out via emails and DNA that my 4 times great grandpa Jesse(ie) Irvin/Irwin Taylor Sr. born about 1792 in old Wyeth County now Grayson County Virginia parents are not the William Taylor and Sarah Garrett/Garnett Foster that I first came upon as their parents from Bryan Taylor’s research that ended in 1995. Several years ago, while going back over my documentation on my Ancestry tree I had noticed that I had no documented proof of his parentage. Well all the research I had done going way way back prior to them coming to America was all wrong for my 4times great grandpa. Imagine the horrible feeling I had as many people had copied my research that I had worked tirelessly on. A couple of people who had written books and included my research as I was basically in the beginning back in 2000 on Ancestry was the only one researching this particular lineage. This was a devasting thing for me to happen as I took great pride in obtaining that documentation, all the back and forth on the Ancestry message boards, standard emails and waiting for records to be uploaded to Ancestry.com back in the day.

So new beginnings all over again for his parents and I have been told by several researchers that many of the older records from that early time period were destroyed by fire. Which i would assume they would be due to the war of 1812, the Civil war all in the area.

But I am on the hunt again as well as still looking for my maternal grandmother’s biological father as well. It only took about 15 years or so to track down and confirm my father’s own Biological father and locating family members who had pictures of not just him James Franklin “Frank” Dalton but of his parents David Marion “Mack” Dalton and Minnie Sanders along with many of their children. I was so happy when I found that information and was able to show my own father Cecil (nmn) Dalton just 3 years prior to his death in July 2013. My father’s mother’s name was Elsie Carie Taylor born 1898 in White Shoals Virginia, but the midwife recorded her as being born in Kentucky. I was lucky that she had told me that about the record being recorded for the wrong state !

I will be pulling from my tree information and pictures to post over the next several weeks to share unless I end up needing shoulder surgery again ! Until I post again, I wish each and everyone of you a Happy Kentucky Derby !

Tribulations on Writing

As the title states, I am have tribulations on what next to post about my large lineage. I want to make my writings here to sound just like me. A simple person, with simple sounding language as a Kentuckian sounds like. With having a natural comprehension problem in some areas of understanding written directions on developing my site to look like those who I follow. They themselves have wonderful looking sites with categories, drop down menu’s. At present tonight I have spent 1 and a half hours going back over all the settings, seeing where I did not add certain things and making a few changes. I am not by any means unintelligent, I am like many people who has to be shown how to do certain things. I have been writing for well over 15 years on my own on my computer prior to me seeking counseling for memories that unlocked their selves from the locked doors in my brain in 2006.

I had a 500 page book on my old Windows 98 computer and lost all of it except 100 pages. Yes, it was traumatic to me, so I hurriedly printed off what was left and it still lays there in a small box with a plastic cover to this date until I can re-type all of it again then get it published.

With starting this blog about my ever so large family tree, while still researching them plus checking Ancestry DNA and Gedmatch and even the Genetic aspect of my own DNA, well let’s just say I have my fingertips in many bowls so to speak.

Many of you know me via Facebook and previously on MYSPACE and earlier then that from the Ancestry message boards. Yes, we go back many years and you each know who you are ! If it were not for you then I would not had learned who all my father’s Taylor lines had married into or with.

Just thinking about the woman in the 1800’s having possibly 13 children, then each of those children having the same or close to the same number, in this day and age is mind-boggling.

Having to raise all those children on what little means they had or in some cases didn’t have, tells me that our Ancestors, the women had very strong backbones to say the least. And no, I will not leave out the men they themselves had the ethics, responsibilities and yes back bone to make sure their families were taken care of.

I myself can not imagine myself in their era and to tell you the truth I would not want too either. Reading was not a passion of mine until I began to find out about the olden days, and researching is something I always did when I worked, no matter what sort of job I held in Finance.

I suppose I am blessed to have the imagination and the automatic aspect of doing research in order to keep up my thirst when it comes to our Ancestors…. Till the next post……

25 years in the making

For 25 years I have been researching my families genealogy. My main reason for doing this was not just to learn about my own heritage, but to locate my father’s biological father. As being a Subscriber to Ancestry.com I was able to in 2010 just 3 years prior to my father who died in July 2013, finally show him a picture of his biological father that he never met or knew anything about.

My father’s name was Cecil Dalton his mother was Elsie Carie Taylor. My father was a child out of wedlock. He was born on November 13, 1922 in Page or some spell it Paige, Bell County Kentucky. He was not born in a hospital as many were born with the assistance of a midwife. This particular midwife when she recorded his birth listed him as a female instead of a male. While his mother was still alive I asked her several times why she never gave my daddy a middle name, she would laugh and said she really didn’t know. She had a middle name as did her mother and sister as well as all of her brothers, but she chose not to give him one.

When asking my Grandma about my Grandpa Dalton, she would never ever talk about him other to say his name was Frank. She took all the information to her own death bed.

Me being somewhat of a very nosey individual even when I was a teenager, I continued my research and was able to connect with 20 genealogist who had all sort of family in the same areas of South Eastern Kentucky where my father was born. I was also given the name of a cousin who had also researched up until l995. I took his research, added it to my tree and then began locating all the documentation, deleting those who never was proven to be part of the family of Taylors who came from North Carolina to Kentucky in the 1800’s. The first Taylor I have is my 3rd great grandfather, named Jesse Irvin Taylor who was supposedly born in Wyeth County, now known as Grayson County Virginia. From other researchers, it was said that a William Taylor and a Sarah Garrett/Garnett Foster were Jesse’ s parents, so I followed that for nearly 20 years. Had all the information going back to to England for the Taylors and all those related to him, such as Zachary Taylor, yes the President.

The plot thickens, while I was going back to upload all this information onto My Family Tree Maker, I happened to notice I had not obtained a birth record for my Jesse Taylor born about 1792 in Wythe County Virginia. After a week, I became very upset of all the work I had obtained and disconnected William and Sarah as his parents. Doing this at that time on Ancestry deleted them from my tree, but kept all of who was to be believed his brothers and sisters.

Jesse had served in the War of 1812, yes to me at first glance it seemed he would have been too young, but then I had to research more about that time period. Those who served started at an early age of even 14 or 15 years of age.

As Ancestry’s database grew and records were more available I continued to research all the various options available at that time. I did find several Jesse Taylor’s who served in that very war of 1812. I even found one that had an alias last name Paige or Page. As like many I documented that down to come back on until more records were released.

By this time I had already accumulated 7- 5 subject notes books of information that I had handwritten down along with the resources from where they came from to prove where I had obtained the information.

Jesse apparently met his wife in North Carolina after the War of 1812 and married her, they began to have children beginning in 1820 with my 2nd great grandpa William Riley Taylor being the first. This was a Ha Ha moment for me as you could imagine.

At one point and time Jesse his wife and all the children decided to come to Kentucky as Jesse had received land grants for 200 acres here as well as acres in Missouri. He sold those in Missouri and stayed in what we now know as Harlan Harlan, County Kentucky in an area known as Brownies Creek. It’s original name was MT Pleasant , Harlan County Kentucky.

From works emailed to me from a Descendant of the Davidson Family, it stated that Jesse Taylor, his wife and children traveled together down through Virginia to the Cumberland area up to Harlan area.

Jesse always went by his first name and named one of his son’s Irvin Jr, so this would mean that Jesse’s actual name was Jesse Irvin Taylor Sr.

By this time many people had copied my tree as I was the only one who was researching on Ancestry This branch of Taylors who had settled in Harlan County Kentucky as we now know it. I originally had Jesse’s middle name as Riley, but after learning of Irvin being a Jr., I changed Jesse’s middle name to Irvin and placed him as a Sr on my own tree.

More to come……..Peggy Sue Druck nee Dalton.

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