Why I have been away

I am so sorry to those of you who have started to follow my new page about my Taylors Montgomery’s and All the Branches. I had hip replacement surgery on 31 March 2021. Although the surgery went very well, I am just beginning to sit at my desk top computer to do anything.

I have found out via emails and DNA that my 4 times great grandpa Jesse(ie) Irvin/Irwin Taylor Sr. born about 1792 in old Wyeth County now Grayson County Virginia parents are not the William Taylor and Sarah Garrett/Garnett Foster that I first came upon as their parents from Bryan Taylor’s research that ended in 1995. Several years ago, while going back over my documentation on my Ancestry tree I had noticed that I had no documented proof of his parentage. Well all the research I had done going way way back prior to them coming to America was all wrong for my 4times great grandpa. Imagine the horrible feeling I had as many people had copied my research that I had worked tirelessly on. A couple of people who had written books and included my research as I was basically in the beginning back in 2000 on Ancestry was the only one researching this particular lineage. This was a devasting thing for me to happen as I took great pride in obtaining that documentation, all the back and forth on the Ancestry message boards, standard emails and waiting for records to be uploaded to Ancestry.com back in the day.

So new beginnings all over again for his parents and I have been told by several researchers that many of the older records from that early time period were destroyed by fire. Which i would assume they would be due to the war of 1812, the Civil war all in the area.

But I am on the hunt again as well as still looking for my maternal grandmother’s biological father as well. It only took about 15 years or so to track down and confirm my father’s own Biological father and locating family members who had pictures of not just him James Franklin “Frank” Dalton but of his parents David Marion “Mack” Dalton and Minnie Sanders along with many of their children. I was so happy when I found that information and was able to show my own father Cecil (nmn) Dalton just 3 years prior to his death in July 2013. My father’s mother’s name was Elsie Carie Taylor born 1898 in White Shoals Virginia, but the midwife recorded her as being born in Kentucky. I was lucky that she had told me that about the record being recorded for the wrong state !

I will be pulling from my tree information and pictures to post over the next several weeks to share unless I end up needing shoulder surgery again ! Until I post again, I wish each and everyone of you a Happy Kentucky Derby !

Published by Peggy Sue Druck

I love to read, love to research family Genealogy, love meeting new relatives and I especially love to read beautiful little stories my friends writes. Have recently completed the Genetics aspect of my personal DNA via 2 separate Companies, Genomelink and Cri Genetics. Is most facinating to prove to your Doctors that your Genetics is the reason why medications do not work as they should and that certain aspect from surgeries needs to be done in a certain way. I was built with multiple overlapping mutations on all 22 chromosomes and my DNA I received via my parents was primarily from my father's mother's from her father's lineage. My blood type is O negative, my mother and 3 sisters are all RH Positive A or AB typing. So after 43 years of arguing with all doctor's I finally have the proof to visually show them. Life is grand and Live your Life to the Fullest as if it were your last day to live.As of today 14 May 2021 this is my update. My lineage from both sides of my parents does cross over with eachother in the mid to late 1900's.My Mother grew up in Louisville Ky and my father grew up in Bell, Harlan counties regions of S.E. Ky. Edogamy is relative on both sides of my family. 1st and 2nd cousins do fall with in both branches going back to the late 1800's for marriage and they never even knew it. Knowing where you come from will let you know if you married within your own genetic line !

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