Timing is everything

Well just as the title says, timing is everything. When I first started my blog I had intentions of doing it on a daily base. But life decided to interject its’ self into my daily activities. On March 31, 2021 I ended up having to have my right hip replaced. Yes, it did hurt, but I did not think I would have had so many things to go wrong. I planned everything ahead of time as far as making sure the walker from my grandma was in the houes, my great grandpa’s cane was here for me to use, the tub chair was in the house that belonged to one of my uncles. I had purchased easy to fix foods for myself while my husband was working so I would not have to worry about going from the basement up to the kitchen to fix myself actual meals. I live in my basement and my main floor is used by my daughter and her family. We share the kitchen and upstairs bath/shower as I have a half bath down stairs. I have a cabinite my dad made for me back in 1993 when my husband and I purchased our first home and now in this home we converted it into a cabinete with a small bar sink in it for coffee cups, small things we use in the microwave or the convection oven I have. I have numourous small appliances in my downstairs pantry to use when ever the need appears.

In life the curve balls that we are thrown into our very thought out plans can cause tremendous upset in our own special world. My curve balls were the 1st home therapists that visited me 4 days after surgery. Well needless to say he was not allowed to return as his pushing took it’s toll on me. Keep this in mind. The week prior to my surgery I needed to get good and hydrated. Not thinking about the Sodium content in Gaterade, I drank at minimum 4 per day up to 6. That is a great deal of sodium for someone who has basically cut out her sodium intake all together. So after my surgery, my feet looked like balloons at the end of my legs. So when I came home I needed to drink nothing but water all day to get the excess water build up out of my body. I had almost 17 pounds of water I was carrying in my system. I know because of my pre-surgery weight and my come home next day weight !

Now my therapy I schedualed for 2-3 pm so keeping this in mind and me drinking water, I was constantly scooching back and forth to the bathroom which is about 50 feet from my desk chair and 60 feet from my standard comfy chair and stool.

Afterwards I basically let the therapy group which I will not name, I let them know they were never to return to my home at all ! Yes, I was very upset since this particular therapist and his pushing me to go back and forth so many times those 50 feet with my walker, caused both of my shoulders to basically give out all together. In 2019 I had already had a right rotator cuff repair and this therapist’s pushing caused that shoulder to basically lock up and did harm to my left shoulder also.

Yes life can really throw you those curve balls !

It is now as of this writing June 15 2021 about 11:45 pm, I am still in therapy 2 times a week ! Yes, I know many of you are thinking why ? Well, I ended up doing the vast majority of my therapy myself for the first month. Mind you I had to go back to my surgeon and receive cortisone shots in both shoulders and he even did x-rays of the one he had repaired 2 year previously as it had locked up.

I go to thereapy this coming Thursday and more then likely will have 1-3 more sessions as there is nothing more that can be done until the bone and all completely heals in a year to a year and a half. Yes it does take that long to completely heal.

My therapist is overall happy at my own therapy I do at home, since I have 8 stairs to go up to the landing to let my dogs in and out. Then another 4 to the upstairs kitchen and the rest of the main floor. I wrote him out a list of things I use at home to do therapy with since I do not own one of those treadmiles or bikes. Even though I am not suppose to do several of the things I have been doing them for a month now. No, I am not really going against my surgeon’s list or my therapists list, I am just doing them sooner then they claim I should be able to do them. Yes I am hardheaded or as I like to say determined, but I know how far I myself can push this almost 63 year old body that has arthritis, and osteoarthritis and all sorts of arthritic pain in my body. But that is one of those curve balls that life has thrown at me and smacked me very hard with it.

Those of you who do know me, knows I am a very determined woman and I do not let anything or anyone get in my way. I never have and never will. Only thing that will get in my way is when I can no longer walk or drive, but then I will find some way to get things done.

Coming from a lineage of Dalton’s and Taylor’s on my dad’s side and Montgomery’s and Washburn’s on my mother’s side and then the correspnding greats on both sides, I have a Genetic makeup of genes that are wired to make me push myself physically and even mentally to the breaking point. I can honestly say that I am Genetically made this way.

So for me Life is like a roller coaster, I have my up and downs everyday, but the timing is one of those things that definitley can not be expected !

Till I write again !

Published by Peggy Sue Druck

I love to read, love to research family Genealogy, love meeting new relatives and I especially love to read beautiful little stories my friends writes. Have recently completed the Genetics aspect of my personal DNA via 2 separate Companies, Genomelink and Cri Genetics. Is most facinating to prove to your Doctors that your Genetics is the reason why medications do not work as they should and that certain aspect from surgeries needs to be done in a certain way. I was built with multiple overlapping mutations on all 22 chromosomes and my DNA I received via my parents was primarily from my father's mother's from her father's lineage. My blood type is O negative, my mother and 3 sisters are all RH Positive A or AB typing. So after 43 years of arguing with all doctor's I finally have the proof to visually show them. Life is grand and Live your Life to the Fullest as if it were your last day to live.As of today 14 May 2021 this is my update. My lineage from both sides of my parents does cross over with eachother in the mid to late 1900's.My Mother grew up in Louisville Ky and my father grew up in Bell, Harlan counties regions of S.E. Ky. Edogamy is relative on both sides of my family. 1st and 2nd cousins do fall with in both branches going back to the late 1800's for marriage and they never even knew it. Knowing where you come from will let you know if you married within your own genetic line !

2 thoughts on “Timing is everything

  1. I do not blame you for getting that team out of your house. We had a home nurse come when John got ill and she couldn’t even take blood pressure. She had me to remove all the carpets and that made John slip and fall. I am glad you are doing OK now and can continue on writing your book.

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    1. Barbara, thank you so much for you kind words. I am doing much better and yes I plan on getting my thoughts in order for the research aspect of this site to share what I know about my Family’s large and vast connections to all of those wonderful relatives I have in the Tri State area and the wonderful people like you who helped me in my beginnings of learning about my father’s Taylor lineage.All 20-30 of you were a Godsend as each of you knew the Actual people and had the actual stories to prove many things. My actual book will all be done on here via WordPress concerning my lineage. I do have 2 other books I have worked on and off for 35 years and plan on completing those to sell. One is a romance sort of novel and the other will be about the Mental travels of one’s mind and how our Genetics are connected to our overall mental and health issues and why it is important to know ones body. Love to you and may the rest of 2021 be much better then the first part. Peggy Sue


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